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Master Forge Grill JetLight Charcoal Grill

Master Forge Jet Light Charcoal Grill Review

Are family and friends coming over this weekend for a backyard barbecue party, and you still haven’t found that perfect grilling station that will give you a unique experience? 

If what you’re looking for is a product that will give you the authentic look, feel, and even taste of a true barbecue experience, then the Master Forge Jet Light Charcoal Grill may just be the grill for you. 

As with any Master Forge Grill, the Master Forge Jet Light Charcoal Grill is elegant, reliable, easy to use, and offers an excellent value for your money. However, what sets the Jet Light apart from others of its kind is that it this little baby has the ability to give whatever meat you grill on it an authentic smoked flavor without the hassle, making you look like a world-class chef without any extra effort. 

So what makes the Jet Light so special?

Aesthetically, the Master Forge Jet Light Charcoal Grill is a beauty, with its black steel housing that gives the grill a rustic, but very functional look. 

However, what sets this baby apart is under the hood. First off, it has a unique “jet light” system that will allow you to set your coals on fire without the use of lighter fluid, or any other accelerant. With just a press of a button, your coals will be blazing in no time. 

Another awesome feature of the Master Forge Jet Light Charcoal Grill is that it gives you full control over what you put on it. Over-done food and burnt offerings will be a thing of the past, as the grill has a front-mounted flap that allows you to add more coals as they are needed, as well as a hand gauge that adjusts the height and the leveling of the coals that are already in there. You can likewise measure the internal temperature in the grill with its in-lid thermometer which will let you monitor, control, and adjust the internal temperature of what’s in the grill once the lid is closed. 

So is the Master Forge Jet Light Charcoal Grill right for you? If you enjoy cooking outdoors, and you want excellent, restaurant-quality grilled meat without the fuss, then the answer is definitely yes.