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Master Forge Grill Small Space Gas Grill Model MFA350CNP
Master Forge Small Space Gas Grill (Model # MFA350CNP) Review

If you’re in the neighborhood looking around for that “lost ark” of a grill to fit in the new condo/apartment you just moved in to, then you’re in luck! The Master Forge Small Space Gas Grill (Model# MFA350CNP) will be the perfect addition to that missing piece in your kitchen kingdom!

Quite frankly, if you ask the attending salesperson that you’re in the hunt for “a grill”, automatically you’ll be redirected to the pricey and more popular grill stations (since the commission from the sale will be much larger obviously). If it comes to user comments and recommendations, the Master Forge Grill line will undoubtedly surface and the initial question that follows after that is: “How much food do you intend to use with it and for how many people?”

It’s all about getting the qualities of a great grill that YOU need, you see. It’s got to be quick to set up, easy-to-use, high-quality, elegant, perfect for your meats, and reliable. In this particular case though, for your pretty packed pad that you just moved in to.

It’s compact with its simple design (yet makes one look like a pro cooking with it); it serves the purpose of getting your meats grilled to your liking (though not for that many people or for a barbecue with friends); and above all, can fit your budget of around $200USD.

Assembly of the Master Forge Small Space Gas Grill Model# MFA350CNP is a cinch which will probably take about 30 minutes. With its side shelves extended, looking at the completed setup may seem to eat more space than anticipated for your kitchen. Lo and behold, the sides can be folded so as not to take up more space indoors. As for the propane tank for the grill, the enclosed cabinet beneath the burners provide even more “save space” feature. In total figures, one will have 346 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 455 square inches.

It may not be as fancy and elegant looking compared to the Master Forge 4-Burner (Model #GGP-2601) Gas Grill, but the former still gets the same type of grilling done with small space and 2-burners. It’s still perfect cooking/grilling for one or two on regular indoor days, and wonderful sunny outdoor picnic days for the family.

Not bad for a small grill, huh?