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Tips on How to Maintain Your Grill

Grilling is one of most revered and sociable activities that people can do. Parties have been and are built around the act of grilling food and sharing them with family and friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. In this setting – the “family grill” is considered as a beloved piece of equipment.

Until it’s time to clean the grill! Then everyone suddenly avoids the “family grill” like the plague.  Maybe because they do not know how to properly clean the grill. Our tips on how to maintain your grill will make grill cleaning easier.

Cleaning Your Grill

Brush the grates of your grill to prevent the buildup of food bits and bacteria. Charred bits of food left on the grill attracts germs. Use a wire brush for removing and cleaning the surfaces of the grill.
Wash and soak your wire brush in hot soapy water after cleaning your grill. This also prevents bacteria buildup on the wire brush. Hang dry it on a grill hanger with the brush upside down. Drying the bush naturally will prolong the life of the bristles.
Don’t forget to clean the burners as well. Once they have cooled down scrub with the wire brush making sure to clean around the ports to ensure that the built up grease and food bits are removed.


Once you’ve finished brushing down your grill and the grates are now at room temperature spray some cooking oil on it to prevent it from rusting. This will prolong the life of your grill.
Clean out the grease trap. This is very important because grease is highly flammable and can cause a fire.

Maintenance Cleaning

In order for your grill to function well and serve you for years to come you have to perform maintenance cleaning on it at least twice a year. Dismantle the grill  and clean and scrub each part for an extensive cleaning session. Soak the grates in soapy water and scrub off all the grease and grime.

 For gas grills –remove the propane tank connection first.  For charcoal grills remove all the left-over ash or briquettes. Clean out the ash bed. This will remove the residual excess smoke and eliminate the bad flavors.
After your done cleaning the grill – turn it on for a few minutes. 5 to 10 minutes is needed to burn off any residual cleaning materials on the surfaces.

And there you go. That is all you need to do to maintain and keep your grill clean and in top condition for a long time. Following these tips will help your grill provide you with years of service for those special and fun moments with family and friends.